Never Be Left In The Dark Again – 60 Lumens LED Lantern


Etekcity 4 Pack Ultra Bright Portable LED Camping Lantern Flashlights (Black, Collapsible)


Are you  a first time camper?  Well, our family is and have scheduled to go camping this weekend and were excited to receive the Etekcity lantern in time for the days in the outdoors.  We were totally impressed at the design of the lantern which was light weight and made of a durable material that should withstand long duration of usage. What was pretty cool is that Etekcity provided the initial batteries to use so there was no need to go buy or charge batteries to test this.  But as we have praised before having some Amazon batteries on hand will always come in handy.

etekcity lantern

The design of the lantern was spot on. No switches or buttons just lift the handles and walla! Let there be light. It was a nice buy lamisil dermgel feature that consumers can adjust the level of light you required. Tested the lantern during the evening hours to see how much light it would produce and the 60 lumens did a great job filling the dark area with light that spanned about 20 + feet, so I can only image how a few more lanterns is all you need for our camping trip.  We are so darn excited.

?Illumination is bright
?Light spanned about 20-30 feet
?Handles for carrying or affixing to hook
?Unit collapses allowing you to determine the level of light needed
?Merchant provided initial batteries to use – “Thank you”
?Merchant provides a 10 year warranty so you can feel confident they stand by their product and customer satisfaction.

Recommendations Uses:
– Power Outages
– Camping
– Low light scenarios
– Evening at the beach
– Boy/Girl Scout gift



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