Get In The Zen With The Happy Demy Infuser

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Happy Demy Infuser

Infuse Spirit Into Your Life & Find Inner Peace
The Happy Demy Diffuser from Amazon allows you to use your favorite essential oil with 200 ml or 6.5 ounces of water for 6 hours of endless aroma therapy.  Get the feeling of #SPAlife in your own private oasis at home.  Diffuser delivers a thick cool mist, 4settings and 7 visual lighting options – go to the biolink and type “HAPPYDEMY” to get details

?- Love the spa like design and fits my decor of my office to a tea
?- Enjoy the 200ml which is about 6-7 ounces that you can fill the infuser
?- Works as designed – tested 6 hours and it auto powered down
?- Comes with instructions, maintenance tips as well as troubleshooting tips
?- Came with a minimal hum barely hear it running. 


?- No way to unmount the top without 2 hands or an indentation to grab.  Tried it when it had a little water and it spilled

?- The off button is on the same control switch as the mist switch.  If you didn’t where to buy lamisil read the instructions you’d have to guess how to shut it off.  If you don’t want to read the instructions; click the mist button 5 times and it will shut off.

?-Tested the auto power off feature and about 6 hours and 5 mins or so it did shut off when the water well was empty

?-Although the unit had a very spa like design the color contrast on the buttons were hard to read as the button is dark brown and lettering is a fainted gray.  I wear bifocals and it wasn’t great to read it without doing the trombone thing.  (Eyeglass users will know what this mean)

?-Would have preferred a black or brown electrical cord, but will deal with it or just find a can of dark spray paint to conceal it.  

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