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Its Jiffy Time!, No not peanut butter 😉 Have you ever realize how costly it could be to purchase plants sold at nurseries compared to those that are sold at big box stores?  Of course, it seems obvious that nurseries will have better quality plants because they have staff & experience to maintain them vs big box stores who aren’t always well equipped to.  Don’t get me wrong, everyone love sales too and for the right price as well as choice selections you can pick yourself up some of the best at box stores.

Nursery Visit 2014Nursery Visit 2014 – What An Amazing Display

As the sight of Spring and Summer, many hurry to the stores just to grab the latest plants to fill the garden to add that punch of color as the weather/season is changing.

The past 10 years of gardening has made me realize that I needed to be smart and develop a plan for each season and focus on financial planning to help stretch every dollar or I’d go broke.  It was apparent that gardening wasn’t just a seasonal task but more of a passion of mine and all I really wanted to do.  At this point, finding gardening DIY or better alternatives was just as important.  After conducting some research I found a solution that I thought I try to help with the cost of supplies, plants and expense of watering.  It was then that I ran across JIFFY Pots and Jiffy Peat Pellets. These are the Jiffy products I chose for this plan.

Research shows that Jiffy products are 100% all natural, biodegradable and best of all compostable; I figured it was worth a try to see what I could do to enhance my skills and hopefully save some money by direct seeding and propagation.  Believe me I had no clue where can i buy lamisil pills over the counter what I was getting into, but it was well worth the ride.  Sometimes its hard to believe some of the advertisement you read with products, but I quickly was sold on how beneficial it was to use JIFFY Pots and Jiffy Peat Pellets especially when it came down to watering them.  There made of Sphagnum peat which is a natural organic conditioner and provides air circulation for plant roots.  One of the things I believe I liked most is that is retains about 15-20 times the weight in moisture; similar to a clay pot which releasing water to the plant roots as it needs it. Believe me I would panic thinking I forgot to water my plant but realized shortly how water retention was true.  YIPPEE!, More time for me to do other stuff then endless hours of watering. Found that Jiffy products were also great for composting, providing nutrients and fertilizer, and best helps with aerating the soil.  One of my favorite about these (2) products is that as plants grow I can just plant them directly into the garden.  No more worries about injuring plant roots or having tons of plastic pots which just end up in the landfills. Well I hope that each of you have just as great success using the Jiffy Pots as I have had an amazing opportunity using them.  Feel free to send me details of your projects and any other tips for easy gardening.  Until then, back to the garden I go.

Happy Planting.

Here are some sale items for gardeners of all time of the year.





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