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There are so many hats/caps/beanies I have in my household, but have to say that one of my favorite brands we are starting to collect is from Cache Alaska.  I ran across this company a few months ago on Amazon as well as seeing a friend who always shared their positive feedback how comfy the hat was so I gave it a try and loved it that this is my second purchase.
The first winter beanie I bought was awesome as I stated in a previous review, but with the odd weather patterns we are having for this summer the cap is too hat to wear when the weather is chilly. I checked the product catalog and noticed they offered light weathered gear I can chose from and found exactly what I needed.
Our family always tries to support local business, bands and family owned and operated companies here in the US and I enjoy knowing that Cache Alaska family is just that.  What’s even nice is that in addition to selling on Amazon, you can also check out their website which shows all the other products like knits, accessories and the beanies, just like those I’ve fallen in love with and have added to my collection.  They often provide better discounts there too.  Website has a simple design so makes it easy for the novice Internet user to maneuver, good job!
The summer beanie is so comfy and soft that I’ve where can i buy lamisil gel been wearing it during those mornings where the weather is a bit chilly to stay warm.  Having long hair isn’t an issue as the beanie is well made to maintain heat without smashing my hair (curls) down.  I’ve worn it during the chilly morning, hikes, bike riding and camping so know its definitely in my go bag.
It’s 100% acrylic and soft to the touch, so no panic attack for scratching my forehead like other wool caps I have.  The Amazon store I purchased this from only offers 3 colors (Black, Grey, Multicolor) but if you’re looking for other options check out their websites.  It appears they are expanding their color collection for those looking to keep their fashion style attire in sync.
Washing is easy.  I’ll be placing mine in a laundry bag like I do most of my garments to keep the pills from it and then air dry.  What’s easier than that! Lets say I’m a no nonsense kinda gal who doesn’t what to iron, if I can avoid it. (smile).
1.     Soft to the touch
2.     Easy washing instructions
3.     Not heavy and can be used for chilly days
4.     Think it’s a great addition to any gift box ideas.
5.     Company has a personal website to see other products they sell outside of Amazon.
1.     None.  Looking forward to an expanded color collection in the near future



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Slouchy Beanie – Wear it Slouched or Cuffed for a Perfect Skull Cap Fit by CacheAlaska

List Price: $24.99
New From: $8.95 – $24.99
Used from: Out of Stock
Variations: (Color):

GreyNew from $11.95 USD
MulticolorNew from $11.95 USD

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  • July 16, 2017 at 4:06 PM

    Their Wool Beanies are reduced 75% for summer clearance, search Beanie CacheAlaska on Amazon. One is priced at only $5.95! Don’t know how long this will last

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