PRODUCT REVIEW – Emeril Knife Sharpener

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Its was that time we hit the kitchen to try out our latest gadget.  That’s right!. Just in is the new Emeril Knife Sharpner.

Wow, Sharp As A Knife – Emeril Knife Sharpner

I have to admit I wasn’t impressed when I receive the Sharpner that it would do the job but then I was floored to see that great things do come in small packages.image

Compared to other knife sharpeners collected it couldn’t compare to this amazing one.  So, we just decluttered our life and tossed out all of them  out.


This was a nifty build as it has a suction at the bottom and switch you use to secure to your counter. Simple buy lamisil australia design definitely has a punch. image

It was so must fun we just started sharpening all our knives and even scissors.  There is nothing as frustrating when cooking then having dull knives that on the first try to get a clean cut. No more dull knives for us. Totally a great gift for the avid house chef.
A few points to remember. Always use the same front to back motion as it states on the instructions so you don’t ruin the Knife. After use I washed away shavings and air dried. Easy peazy.


Love the color as well as it fit my decor. Yay.




See larger image

Additional Images:

Emeril Knife Sharpener with Suction Pad, Red

Features: EXTENDS KNIVES’ LIFETIMES so you never have to worry about dull blades again, SUCTION PAD WITH GRIP-LOCK MECHANISM gives you control, confidence, and safe, single-handed use as you sharpen your favorite knives, COMPACT AND PORTABLE for easy storage whether you toss it in a drawer or leave it on your counter, TUNGSTEN CARBIDE sharpening material yields razor sharp blades with just a few strokes, CREATED BY FAMOUS CHEF Emeril Lagasse, and features a print of his signature

This handy sharpener keeps all your favorite knives in prime cutting condition so you never have to worry about dull blades again! It gloms to any flat surface with its suction pad, giving you control and confidence. Simply apply it to a countertop, table, or even a friend’s bald and square-shaped head, then flick the lever to lock it in position. With the sharpener rooted in place, a simple back and forth motion is all that’s necessary to keep those blades slicing, dicing, and paring with precision. Just slide your knife – any knife, even serrated bread knives – between the tungsten carbide guides, drawing it through in one direction for the optimum sharpening angle. This edge-enhancing action extends knives’ lifetimes, perhaps even by years. Not to mention its compact, 2-1/2-inch frame is super easy to store in a drawer. Created by the famous chef Emeril Lagasse himself, this value-priced professional knife sharpener with suction base is a smart investment in the life of your cutlery
List Price: $14.99 USD
New From: $5.99 USD In Stock
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