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Its that time of the year to gear up for that warmer weather to start getting fit and in shape with bicycle riding and touring the city I live in.

Attracted to the SafeBest Bike Locks #safebest bike lock due to the design, 6 foot length cable protected from weathering elements and easy design for changing the combinations without all that hassle of calling merchants to reset that the combo. 


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This bike lock even came with a grip clamp which measures around 1 inch that you can screw onto your bike frame to hold your lock while riding. Comes in 4 colors (Black, White, Pink and Blue) Get more details at Amazon
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  1. Remove bike lock from packaging
  2. Lock will come pre coded to “0,0,0,0” all you have to do is remove the cable from the lock chamber turn the dial of the lock 90 degrees and set your new lock where can i buy lamisil pills code, return the lock dial back to the normal position and your done – easy peazy
  3. Remember to secure your bike you should use the #safebest bike lock to a structure like a street pole, gate or some other structure that cannot be moved or lifted and use the cable to secure both wheels your bike frame and make sure you tug on your lock before you walk away.
  4. The merchant was smart when they created this lock as they provided a clamp that you can use to place your combination lock when your not requiring to use it as a way to carry it around with you.  Makes your bicycle look nice and appealing.
  5. Comes in 4 different colors – check out there store for more details





SafeBest Bike Lock, Combination Cable Bicycle Lock, Resettable. White Color. Most Popular (6-foot), Safest Lightweight Flexible Lock. Best Value Bike Lock Cable.

List Price: $12.99 USD
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