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Decisions, Decisions

There are so many baking mats everywhere on the internet and all the home shopping stores, but have so many variations, which one do you pick?  Decisions, decisions.

I was so tired of having all my flour stick to my pretty granite counter tops when kneading dough and homebound bakers out there know, its not as easy to clean after your done.  Well my days got better when I receive a complimentary baking mat from Lasten for me to try, which I used when creating my new channel #WhatsToEatB, especially for all my baking needs to resolve this problem.

The Lasten Silicone Baking Mat which is sold on Amazon came with 2 non-stick pastry sheet and kneading mat.  Whats sweet about these mats as you can see in the photos below is that they have everything you need regarding measurements from -60 celsius to 280 and to boot you can use these right in the oven with a max temperature range of 500 degrees.  Now thats a treat!.

The large silicone kneading mat which measures at 16 x 24 is more than enough for what I bake at home and gives me the space needed to toss the flour for kneading.  There so great that they immediately adhere to the counter and doesn’t budge order lamisil pills online when kneading.  I’m in love.  It even included a smaller size 11 x 12 for smaller jobs too! 🙂  

Novice bakers like me know that it can be quite frustrating trying to remember the conversion measurements causing me to run back and forth to my computer, but these mats do it all for you.  They are imprinted with a weight, liquid, ruler and temperature conversion table, which has totally changed my life for the better.  

The mat is so substantial and not flimsy so you won’t have to worry about creasing.  They are truly great quality compared to others I’ve seen at the store.

Storing is simple, I personally rinse them under water, pat dry and just roll them up and store in the pantry.  Easy peasy and within read just unroll and get my hands back in the grind making my family some awesome Challah bread.  

Just loving it so much that I am now a baking freak filling the air with yummy deliciousness for the family to devour.

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