Smallest Digital Recorder I Found

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Tiny Digital Recorder – Ready, Get, Record

OMG!, Ok folks check this out. Did you ever find yourself somewhere that you needed to take notes, record a lecture in school or at work or just record something incognito like a spy?

Well, I ran across this digital recorder which is no larger than a flash drive and slightly bigger in length then my SD card (Sandisk). It comes with instructions, a pair of headsets if you chose to use them, a phone/usb charger cable and of course the digital recorder.


I love that there is a small digital record that I can use as a dictaphone to capture notes from lectures, meetings or even in the car to remind of me things to do or grocery items to pick up.

The Uqique Recorder was a small and quick easy device to use for just that. I ran a couple of tests and found some pros/cons and suggested recommendations to share with those interested in purchasing that I thought would be useful to read before purchase.

Here are some of my testing results on using this device.

Suggested Uses for:
o Dictaphone
o Lectures
o Meetings
o Interviews

? Pros
o Small, lightweight and the size for a flash drive
o Can be used to record situations without being seen
o Cant be deleted off recorder – in case you really needed
o Easy to download to computer (OS or Windows)
o Can be used for audio files like MP3 or files – note size capacity
o Sensitive microphone – Will pick up a lot of sound within tested 10-15 feet of distance; however the volume of the room buy terbinafine pills cannot be extensive or the playback will be distorted; thus recommend using it as mentioned above

? Cons
o No key ring or small carabineer to secure it keychain– so small can get lost
o Doesn’t have a channel or block number to know what file recording your on
o No Display
o Cant delete file on recorder – in case you really wanted to
o Unable to identify the location of the speaker and will pick up sound if your fumbling with it. Leave it on the table
o Unable to tell if the microphone is multi-directional. May be Subcardoid directional
o No controls to balance line in volume
o No warning light or beep to warn you that your running out of space and soon files will be overridden

? Enhancement Opportunities
o Implement a feature like a blinking light or solid light to know its recording; not just at the start
o Feature to delete recording file directly from recorder
o MP3 playback should have feature to go back to previous track and not just forward
o Files should save as MP3s as WAV files are large on space
o Outline where the speaker is located to prevent from being touched while recording
? Computer Specs – Important for Mac Users
o Im using OS Sierra 10.12.5 and the WAV file feature does not launch anymore from Finder. I downloaded an application (free) which enabled me to convert the WAV files to MP3 – something you should know. 

Leave me a comment if you’d like to share your own experiences or just ask a questions !


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